Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Three Jamigoes

Jacob has made some new friends this summer.

Meet Jason and Joseph.

You've met Joseph before.  Jason is taking a break on the chair.

I took them tramping earlier this week.

They are all pretty good at horsing around.

My camera, however, is quite faithful to Jacob.

He has learned how to fly this summer.

Maybe soar.

This was an Uncle Steve-quality jump.

The kids played pretty hard.

I treated them to dip n dots afterward.

Jacob shared with me.  These little dots are pretty good!

While the boys were jumping, I sneaked away for some groceries.  Rumor has it that Will has been acquiring a taste for chocolate, but his tastes are high-end.  We'll see.

Jacob continues to broaden his Star Trek horizons.

He watched an episode where Commander Tucker saves the Enterprise in his underwear.  It's one of my favorites.

I continue to work with him on backstories.  This is not Shran.  Nor Weyoun.  It's Krem.

Jacob enjoyed the episode with the dog.  He misses Sirius.

When ice cream isn't on the menu, Jacob can make his own dinner.

He likes my sesame bagels, and he prefers sausage in his eggs.  I'm noticing that he prefers his cream cheese spread a little more neatly than I care to do.

Yesterday, we had California roll and gyoza for lunch.

This was followed by a wonderful conversation about high school, college, and where he would like to serve a mission.  His high school doesn't offer Portuguese, but he thinks he can take it online.  That way he'll be ready for Brazil.

Sometimes we don't have ice cream for dinner.  On Thursday, this was dessert after lunch.

Many things are happening in the background of Jacob's summer in Utah.  Yesterday I made 120 meatballs for our family gathering next month.

I also made Jacob dinner.  When I scramble the eggs, I remember to put the sausage in while the eggs are still cooking.

Jacob is excellent about helping Papa care for the birds and the fish, but so far he hasn't helped me much with photography.  I might work on that.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Present-Self Priority

Jacob had fun tramping on Friday.

No surprise to me.

If you can believe it, I work on Sunday School lessons while we're there.

However, Friday night, Jacob was a little under the weather.  I put him back in my ST hospital.

Jacob's own father recommended this episode.

I had to work Jacob up to this one, and he liked it.  Not so much the kiss at the end, though.

Saturday Will and Jacob enjoyed Spiderman.

Papa and I met them afterward for pizza.

While waiting for our lunch, Jacob issued Papa a challenge.

Staring contests are one of Jacob's specialities.

Unfortunately for Jacob, they are one of Papa's specialities, too.  Eight eyeballs were tired at the end of this game.

Papa told us the pizzas were small, so we each got our own.  For the record, I do not consider this a small pizza.

Because this was unbelievably delicious, I had no trouble eating the first half.  I wanted another piece but decided to hold off and enjoy the rest for Sunday's lunch.  Jacob assured me that my priority should be to my present self, not to my future self.  I accepted that at face value, overriding what my inner-seminary teacher thought.

After lunch Jacob watched one of my favorite Voyager episodes.

Maybe a couple of them.

Then I opened a new vista for him, and we watched a favorite Enterprise episode.  By "we," I mean, my feet were up and I was on the couch next to him.

He loved Shran, so I showed him another.

Then, of course, I had to introduce him to Weyoun.

Will joined us this afternoon. We took the opportunity to skype with Uncle Steve and Aunt Janet, who chatted with Will about calculus options for this fall.  Will listened and perhaps heeded their counsel.  A conversation about next month's Magic tournament at our reunion followed.

In the meantime, Papa Ben grilled steaks to perfection.

Corn is just barely in season.  I cut it off the cob for Jacob.

I bought a watermelon at the stand instead of at Costco.
Wise choice.

Crystal has become a Sunday dinner tradition.

We all had the best time.

Maybe too much fun.

Even Papa Ben got in on the fun.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be the grandma who allowed this.  Now it appears to be my trademark.

LaVell's Vanilla over my lemon loaf.  And a photo bomber in the background.  It doesn't get much better than this.