Friday, May 26, 2017

Blissful Day

I arrived this morning in time to help Lewis read a book.

In return, he helped me with my camera.

Lewis loves books and cars, and maybe me.

Adele had a snack of my banana bread before going to preschool.

Papa and Lewis shared a banana.

Daddy and Lewis looked at last night's post for a few minutes.  Yes, this warmed my heart.

When a child laughs, the whole house laughs.

In the middle of the morning, we headed for the grade school.

Papa Ben had been invited to speak to Kyle's class about his African project.  In an odd twist of events, the elementary school was without power until just before we arrived.

Lewis and Mommy came along.

Papa Ben did a great job.  The students were very interested and asked a lot of questions.

Not long after we got home, we were joined by an elephant.

Papa Ben and Adele chilled while Mom made lunch.

Adele's favorite lunch is peanut butter and honey.

Every meal here is my favorite.  I never have to cook or even do the dishes.

In the afternoon, some of us went around the block.

Adele and I admired Mom's beautiful flower garden while we waited for everyone to find shoes.

Camille felt like she didn't need a jacket.  Brave girl.

I loved being with these girls this afternoon.

After our outing, we enjoyed a tea party.

At the last minute, Lewis decided to join us.

Our tea was delicious hot chocolate.

Our crumpets were generous servings of chocolate cake.

And if the day hadn't already been perfect, a Star Trek marathon materialized.

My efforts to educate these children are paying off.  They can now request their favorite shoes.

Our marathon was interrupted with a scrumptious dinner.  Camille takes pictures of the food when I forget and eat mine.

Adele pronounced a lecture when it became clear that one option for dessert was to leave out those watching Star Trek.  Being one of the watchers, she was not in favor of this plan.

Logic prevailed, and we all enjoyed some delicious ice cream.

The girls horsed around with Lewis for a few minutes before they joined Kyle and me in the basement.

For the record, three shows is the minimum requirement for a marathon.  We'll try to beat that tomorrow.  We've already planed the next two episodes.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

More Cake, Please!

Camille's birthday was yesterday.  I arrived today with new doll clothes.

The clothes matched backpacks which the girls had already received. Camille has made notebooks and found flashcards for her doll's backpack.

The dolls immediately changed into their new clothing and posed nicely for pictures.

Dinner was wonderful, but I forgot to take pictures until the meal was almost over.  Adele's favorite part was the avocado.  This was her third helping.

Lewis is a happy baby who loves to play with electronics.  He can pretend he's talking on the phone.

Lewis likes to feed Papa's fish.

He made a few calls.

I followed the kids downstairs to play.

It's fun to see kids in their own environment.

I had to look up to find Camille.

I actually had to hunt to find Kyle.

He shops the way I shop, but maybe not for the same stuff.

Kyle put whipped cream on my cake, just the way I like it.

I like eating cake in this house.

There are no restrictions.

I'm not the only one who approves.

Lewis prefers whipped cream to cake.

No conversation with Steve is complete without hand actions.

It was very late when we left for the night, but the flowers were still awake.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

BFTP: 1984 New Jersey Album

This morning as I pulled the green lid off the large plastic box I've been working on, I lifted out a small red album and saw this face.
I didn't have a blog in 1984, but I had a 35 mm Pentax, and I had a mother-in-law who enjoyed photographs.  I made this album for her.
What did I do with 3 boys at school and these two yahoos at home?  I took their pictures. We lived out in the wilds of New Jersey, and this was a fun five years of my life.
I can still remember the fun I used to have with little Cori.  Of course, I'm giddy because Corinne now has a similar slide and a child who on occasion slides inside the house.
Ben hung a hire swing in our back yard.  He also built a tree house, but there were no pictures of it in the album.
This was surely a Sunday morning before church.  Jeff and Sammie's boots were both hand-me-downs from our Texas years.  Hmm...which grin is my favorite?
Same kids, but this time posing on Halloween.  I sewed, painted and helped with each costume. I cannot help but laugh when I see this picture.
Christmas that year was for Cori.  Let me make that clear right now.
She was delighted.  Grandma Markham spent Christmas with us.
Baby Cori and Grandma Markham enjoyed time with their new friends.  Aunt Joan smocked the dress for Corinne, and then sent me the pieces to sew together.
This was a pattern for later Christmases -- brothers dutifully played with Cori's new gifts--for a short time.
By the look on Ben's face, he knew what was in the box.  I'm sorry, but I don't remember, even though I'm certain I bought and wrapped it.
While I was home with Tommy and Cori during the 1984-1985 school year, the 3 older boys were in class.  Dave was in the 5th grade.
Sammie was in the 4th.
Jeff was in the 3rd grade.
Did I have cute kids, or what!