Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baby Ben Comes To Visit!

One of my favorite people came to visit.
The first thing we did today was watch the hummingbirds.
Ben likes my toys.
My furniture made for great climbing.
This was as much fun as it looks!
We went on a walk.
Ben wasn't sure about the wagon.
We fed the fish.
They were happy to see Papa again.
It took awhile, but pretty soon Baby Ben realized he was having fun.
He found a big rock to climb.
It was kind of high.
Once Ben got the courage to stand up, he was quite proud of himself!
We kind of accidentally went swimming.
This was definitely fun, even though the water was very cold.
Baby Ben has now had an introductory tour of the fun things to do at Dewey's house.
As for me, I can't wait until tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Feeding the Koi is Fun to Do!

Ben and I walked down to the pond tonight to feed the koi.
My camera came along, too.
The blue koi have grown a lot in the last two years.
The fish love Papa Ben.
It's amazing to see.
He has names for many of the larger fish.  This one is Measles.
To my surprise, he hasn't named the ducks.
When the fish know he is coming, they race toward him.
They get quite involved in the meal.
Ben is training me to take over while he's away.
I think I can handle this job.
I can also feed the birds. . .
And water the plants.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blast From the Past: More of Ben's Family

I spent the entire weekend working on pictures from just one box, and I didn't come close to finishing.  Many of the pictures aren't identified, such as this snapshot of an adorable child.
This is Hazel, another sister of Ben's grandfather.  I'm uploading these photos to Family Tree.  None of the pictures I've uploaded have been duplicates.
This is Apostle Francis Marion Lyman, Ben's grandmother's uncle.  There were plenty of photos of him, but not this one.  His file is locked, so I couldn't add it.
I posted the top half of this picture yesterday of Ben's grandfather.  The photo was so large that I could not scan the entire picture at one time.  I found a free program and learned how to stitch the two parts together.  Ben was quite pleased.
This is again Ben's grandfather, John Wiley Redd, in what was another a huge photograph.  I met Grandpa Redd.  He told me in language I won't quite repeat that he once had a mule named Julie.
Isn't this a wonderful photo?  The man on the right, Willis Lyman, was a cousin to Ben's grandmother.  Sadly, the other interesting men were not identified.
This is Lyman Nielson, a brother to Ben's grandmother.  He died in 1920 during the worldwide flu epidemic, leaving a very young family.  There was previously only one other picture of this man uploaded to Family Tree, of him as a school child.
This photo had a caption:  Victor and Carl Lollin.  I could find them in Family Tree, but they have no relationship to Ben's family, and to my surprise, no pictures of them had been uploaded.  A beautiful photo of their mother was also in the box, which I uploaded, too.  Maybe I can finish this in six months.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blast From the Past, Ben's Relatives

This is Effie Redd Jameson, Ben's great-aunt, the sister to his grandfather Wiley Redd.
It took me quite awhile to figure out who this beautiful woman was.  I brought the photo and its folder upstairs and studied it in the natural sunlight.  On the back of the folder I was able to see very faint handwriting.  The photo was a gift to Wiley from Jenn.  Wiley had a sister named Jennie, and that's who this is, Effie's and Wiley's sister Jennie Redd Haymore.
Next to those photographs was this picture taken in 1936 at the time of Ben's mother's graduation from nursing school at Mercy Hospital in Denver.
The man waving his hat is Wiley Redd.  He was a National Park ranger, so he wasn't in any trouble.
I had to take these last two photos out of very elaborate frames, and that took awhile.  The man on the left is Lynn Markham, Ben's uncle.  Ben's father, also named Ben, and who died when Ben was 12, is on the right.
This woman was not identified at all, but Ben recognized her as his grandmother, Phoebe Isaac Markham, the mother of the two men just above. For the record, I scanned in a total of 6 pictures today. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Don't Hog The Grandmother!

Ben and I were in Austin for lunch on Saturday.
It was awesome.
I promised I would only post one picture.
I got to spend some time with Boo.
He can read.
Boo and I bonded over Skylanders.  Yes, it's true.
There was a serious accident during our visit.
None of us were around.  Fortunately a nurse lived next door to the babysitter.
Boo assured me he was just fine.
On Sunday Papa Ben and I found ourselves in Lake Jackson.
Amazingly, the breakfast, provided by Uncle Jeff, was from a Czech kolache shop,
Jeff didn't actually attend our breakfast, but the kolaches did, as long as they lasted.
My contribution to the morning fun was a paper bag.  I intended to startle everyone, but the bag wouldn't break.  It got funnier when Jacob couldn't break the bag, either.
Papa Ben never lets us down!
Lunch was butter chicken, of course.
Melanie made the naan.  She's a pro.
Papa Ben and Julia were pretty hungry, but they had a long talk to pass the time.
After lunch, we played.
These kids and their parents are so fun to be around!
We watched Dave's big fish tank.  He now trades coral for fish.
Dave, the coral king.  I didn't see that coming.
Near the top of my list of favorite things to do at Dave's house is feed the anemones.
You can't imagine how exciting this is until you've done it.
Nate loves to play my tile game.  He won.
I managed to tie with Julia.  Whew!
It was at about this point that I heard someone complain, "Hey, don't hog the grandmother!"  I will tell you, I was having such a great time!  I read a chess book before facing Will this time around.  Unfortunately for me, Will had already read the same book.
Jacob and Papa Ben played a marathon game, with Papa Ben finally skunking Jacob.
We enjoyed a marvelous, spontaneous talent show.
For the record, this is not pretend talent.  These kids are quite the musicians.
Matt plays in the senior orchestra ensemble.  He's 15.
To top off the show, Matt and Will played the Piano Guys' Winter Wind.  I was blown away.
To my utter and complete surprise, there was a birthday party.
For me!
I got a present.
There was a candle and a special, homemade dessert by Carolyn.
And -- ice cream!!
Everything was delicious.
We had the best time.
All of us!
I can't wait until next time!