Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy Happy Happy!

Baby Ben loves the cats.  He can feed treats to Percy.
Last night Confucius made a rare appearance.
Baby Ben raced up the stairs to say hello.
We had a wonderful lunch this afternoon.  Ben loves to talk.
When he's in a good mood, he says, "Happy, happy, happy!"  Now we all say it.
We had brownies for dessert.  Happy, happy, happy!
Ella, in a happy mood herself, allowed me to take her picture.
Baby Ben had so much fun that he squealed with delight.
Papa Ben was across the table.
He's a pro at peek-a-boo.
We played Up/Down.
One of Ben's many words is "hat."
We all enjoyed the brownies.
Our lunch conversation went on for so long that more food was required.
No need for concern.
We had plenty of backup.
Jeff told me not to worry.  But he says that all the time.
This last brownie ended up being my dinner.  I had milk, too.
Uncle Jeff taught Ben the mathematical properties of a Rubix cube.
To conclude our day. Papa Ben and Corinne malletized a problem with the kitchen sink.
Problem fixed.  Happy, happy, happy!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Fun Continues

I am having a wonderful time watching Baby Ben stay busy.
Papa Ben is using every opportunity to bond.
Yesterday Corinne and I took the kids to a park.
They told me all about the park on our way.  This is called the boat.
It was fun to watch the kids share and have fun together.
I asked Ben to smile.
Kate joined in the fun.
Maybe she had a better time alone.
Luke likes to balance on his ship.
It melts my heart to watch these kids love and help Baby Ben.
Baby Ben loved the park.
Jane helped Ben have fun on the swing.
Maybe she pushed just a little too hard.
We all had a great time.
Ella and I tended a sleeping baby this afternoon.
Fortunately, we had some puzzles to help pass the time.
Maybe we needed a few more puzzles.
Fortunately, I know how to Chromecast Star Trek.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hugs, Bubbles and Ice Cream!

It is so fun to see how much Baby Ben loves his cousins.  This is one of his infamous tackle hugs.
Today we visited the Mayborn Museum in Waco.
Luke became an expert with the underwater simulator.
Jane braved some serious winds.
We all found a lot of interesting exhibits.
Baby Ben loved the trains.
He also learned to drive.
The mammoth exhibit was amazing.
Baby Ben couldn't get the hang of walking across glass.
While I never stepped onto the transparent surface, I nonetheless found Ben's attempts amusing.
Two other Bens finally got him walking.
Bradley and Jane ground some corn for me.
Kate accompanied us on the drums.
Middle Ben attacked the drums.
We all loved that Melissa could join us.
Papa Ben was adept at capturing little children in bubbles.
This was mesmerizing.
And hilarious.
Bradley didn't need Papa's help.
Watching that bubble pop is astounding.
Kate took a turn.
By this time Jane was wet from the splashes.
Luke pulled the rope oh-so-carefully.
Easy does it.
Baby Ben loved the water exhibits.
Middle Ben enjoyed making some music.
Back at the ranch, we celebrated a birthday!
Aunt Corinne's gift was perfect.
We had brownies.
And ice cream.