Sunday, April 2, 2017

BFTP: 1984 New Jersey Album

This morning as I pulled the green lid off the large plastic box I've been working on, I lifted out a small red album and saw this face.
I didn't have a blog in 1984, but I had a 35 mm Pentax, and I had a mother-in-law who enjoyed photographs.  I made this album for her.
What did I do with 3 boys at school and these two yahoos at home?  I took their pictures. We lived out in the wilds of New Jersey, and this was a fun five years of my life.
I can still remember the fun I used to have with little Cori.  Of course, I'm giddy because Corinne now has a similar slide and a child who on occasion slides inside the house.
Ben hung a hire swing in our back yard.  He also built a tree house, but there were no pictures of it in the album.
This was surely a Sunday morning before church.  Jeff and Sammie's boots were both hand-me-downs from our Texas years.  Hmm...which grin is my favorite?
Same kids, but this time posing on Halloween.  I sewed, painted and helped with each costume. I cannot help but laugh when I see this picture.
Christmas that year was for Cori.  Let me make that clear right now.
She was delighted.  Grandma Markham spent Christmas with us.
Baby Cori and Grandma Markham enjoyed time with their new friends.  Aunt Joan smocked the dress for Corinne, and then sent me the pieces to sew together.
This was a pattern for later Christmases -- brothers dutifully played with Cori's new gifts--for a short time.
By the look on Ben's face, he knew what was in the box.  I'm sorry, but I don't remember, even though I'm certain I bought and wrapped it.
While I was home with Tommy and Cori during the 1984-1985 school year, the 3 older boys were in class.  Dave was in the 5th grade.
Sammie was in the 4th.
Jeff was in the 3rd grade.
Did I have cute kids, or what!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Blast from the Past April 1st 2017

This cute little boy is my husband's grandfather, the daring and possibly notorious John Wiley Redd.  The date on the picture was 1889.  I assure you, Wiley would not mind being called notorious, but actually, he was a great man. 
For several years, I've been scanning pictures from a box which once belonged to Ben's mother.  She's shown in this picture with her daughter Judith and her son Ben.  Their home in Leland is in the background.
The notorious Grandpa Wiley is seated on the left in this picture.  He's next to his wife Lydia.  Ida Mar, his daughter, is on the right holding her granddaughter Michelle.  Ben is standing in the back wearing a skinny tie.  This family spent a lot of time together and seemed to always take a photo.
Isn't this a great picture?  Ida Mar wrote on the back, "My missionary son." He had sent it to her from Kobe, Japan.
Ida Mar loved her only son, and he was definitely a cute little kid.
This picture was also in the box.  This is my adorable little boy, Sammie, who now has his own son about this age.
Sammie showed up in several pictures today.  I'm holding him in this picture.  Ben is on the left.  Davy is at my feet.  We were vising Ben's sister Judith in Baton Rouge while Ida Mar was in town, maybe for Dan's blessing.
They visited us in Baytown on several occasions and sadly the camera we used most often was a Polaroid.  David is standing in the center, with Sammie and Jeff on the right.  Cousin John is standing next to Dave.  Steve is holding Dan, and Michelle is holding Ben.  The Christmas tree and Jeff's age tell me this was December 1979.
This is Dan.
This is Michelle.  Ida Mar labeled most of the pictures, but I'd know these kids anywhere.
This is Steve when he was a little younger.  He was the oldest grandson and grew up to be a wonderful man.
Grandma Markham lived across the street from a park where Stephen enjoyed playing.
What a grin!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Feeding the Birds and Other Fun Times

In trying something new, I tried something old.  Looney Tunes has magical powers over grandchildren.

Ben helped Papa feed the birds.  We thought boots would be helpful in navigating the ice patches.

The birds were appreciative.

The boots did not help.

This was not a skill Ben was mastering at all.

There were no tears once we watched the birds from inside the house.

Back in the day, I tended other people's children.  In this new century, I invited a friend over for a play date.  Ben was in heaven.  Samuel had fun, too.

Ben resisted naptime for quite awhile today.  His need for sleep became obvious during an afternoon snack.

After a successful nap, we all went to Claudia's.  Ben loved her toys and didn't want to leave.

I know what someone is getting for his birthday.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Go, Dewey, Go!

Papa and I took Ben to the Bean Museum this morning.

We needed a place for him to run and have fun, and this place certainly fits the bill.

Sometimes Ben stops to look at the stuff Papa points out.

The huge elephant caught his attention.

Ben could have stayed at the play area all day long.

This corner has a cave with a bear inside.

Ben was delighted being terrified, but he would follow other kids into the tunnel.

I climbed in to encourage him.  My camera flash helped a lot.

Once he could see the bear in the light, he wasn't afraid anymore.

Papa Ben has an eye for good places to pose.

The elevator was an engaging activity.  He actually pushed all the buttons, and we simply got out on the floor we wanted.

Bet you can guess what Papa Ben said when he saw this.

Ben, on his own, felt a need to kiss the turtle.

At this point, we knew it was time to leave.

We stopped on the way home so I could do an errand.  When I left the car, Ben asked Papa where I was.  Papa said I was getting him a lollipop.  Ben chanted, "Go, Dewey, Go!" until I returned.

Once we arrived home, Ben decided to play some "happy music" on the piano.   This is kid is so fun!