Saturday, July 8, 2017

Two Cousins, Best Friends

Boo discovered Jacob's favorite cereal, Marshmallow Mateys.  He also discovered Jacob's favorite cereal bowls.

I love to watch Boo play pinball.

Boo has a system to keep track of his quarters.

Friday was a quiet day for Papa and me.  A family of quail lives in our yard.

Melissa took Jacob and Boo to This is the Place Park.  They tried some new things.

Boo has heard his cousins talk about Star Trek and this morning he asked to be indoctrinated.  I am pretty sure this is my favorite episode.

I took these two boys tramping.

Boo had never played dodgeball in a trampoline park before.

He loved it.

He got better by the minute.

He did take a short break to show me some flips.

He's fun to watch.

Sometimes things got out of control.

Jacob also took a short break from dodgeball.

He made the basket, btw.

Jacob also likes to just plain ol' jump.  High.

I love seeing these two together.

Jacob is a little protective of his cousin.

Boo tried out the balance strip.

He was determined to get across.

It's all in how you hold that tongue.

I love my camera.

Jacob asked for an extra hour last week, and then made me promise I'd never let him have an extra hour ever again.  Today I had to keep that promise.  We really had fun.

While I made lunch, Jacob taught Boo the finer points of Minecraft.

Then we went to the pool.  I asked the boys why we were taking all my guns.

They thought it was a good idea.

Turned out to be a great idea.

Two against everyone else.

The purpose of this last activity was to get good pictures, and it was not my idea.

This picture is exactly what they were going for.

A bonus was pretty cool splashes.

My camera does very well in sunlight.

You can't hear me, but I'm telling Jacob to be sure and fall forward.

Instead, he sank.

On our way home, we stopped at the Weidman's, who had a water slide set up.

This is a ten-foot-wide sheet of heavy duty plastic, 100 feet long.

And a garden hose.

Way fun.

Not to mention that the whole time they slid, I chatted with Rachel.

Last item on our agenda tonight was one more Star Trek episode.

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