Monday, July 10, 2017

Work Day, Play Day

Jacob has not been coming to church with us, where we enjoy 45-minute sacrament meeting.  He's been attending our family ward, all three hours of it.  He was a little tired when he came in the door yesterday.  One hundred degree heat didn't help, either.

Dinner perked him up, for sure.  I would have to say that if Jacob has a favorite meal here, it's steak.  I love that he loves rare meat.  We all enjoyed the salads.  Tossed, mango and quinoa, and a potato salad which I made in the pressure cooker.

We save the crystal glasses for Sunday dinner.  If you are wondering where Will is, please know that campus is apparently much more fun than my house.

Dessert was a new brownie I have recently discovered, with vanilla ice cream.  It's pretty good.

This morning was a work day.  I was helping a little, but not much because I had my camera with me.  Part of the time we were downstairs in the back, and I saw the birds from a different angle.

I've been having what I thought were insurmountable problems photographing the hummingbirds at this feeder.  My camera refused to focus.  Clearly, I was in the wrong location.

Lots of noise was going on as Papa Ben repaired a gate.

The birds did not care one bit.

I wanted to bug Ben about the bird feeder being empty, but he was busy, so I didn't.  Some things are my job, and some things aren't, and feeding the birds is Ben's domain.

I used my zoom lens to get a picture of a trap we set in a tree not far from our yard.  I'm a big fan of yellow jacket traps.

When Jacob returned from feeding Dot, Papa put him to work.  Jacob did not resist.

The hummingbirds were not interested in helping.

Papa Ben left to return the drill.  Jacob used an air compressor to clean up.

When Papa didn't return at the same time Jacob finished, I gave him another job.  I had to teach him how to get in the corners.

The morning sun hit a flower in my garden that I have never seen before.  How can this be?

Jacob moved the compressor to the front to clean up the mess Papa made there.  By this time he was very comfortable with the machine.

The new anchors for the gate will fit better now that Jacob has cleaned out all the dust.

Once the work was done, I popped Jacob in the car and off we went to our favorite place.

Dodge ball was a little rough today, so Jacob jumped.

Actually, he soared.

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