Thursday, August 24, 2017

"I Don't Like Green, Because Monsters Are Green."

Mornings, before anyone else is awake, are the best time to work on puzzles.

After breakfast. Bradley was in the group that hiked the Y.  Sammie took this picture for me.

Steve shared this picture.  Camille hadn't wanted to go, but she didn't want to miss anything.  In the end, she was pleased that she chose to hike.

Later in the morning, my marble toy came out.  This is loads of fun.

Maybe you are noticing that the structure doesn't appear to be very stable.

I noticed that, too.

I decided to help and was able to make a significant improvement.

However, Adele was soon ready to finish her shard necklace.  I had found a few moments in Idaho to help her cousins and sister finish their necklaces, and today we finished hers.  She was very pleased.  I was, too.  I loved this project, from the beginning to the end.  I did learn that Adele has very strong feelings against the color green.

A crew went to the park, but before they got in the car, Ben took Lewis for a drive.

After lunch, Steve taught Bradley how to read his mind.

This was mesmerizing, and Bradley was amazed at how good he was.  So was I.

This was a fun trick, and I never caught on to the secret.

After awhile, Steve re-engineered the marble track.  I was grateful.  So were all the kids.

Baby Richard came to visit.

He has enchanted our entire family.

Camille has a to-do list of things she wants to accomplish while she's here.  Baking a cake with me was written down.  Sometimes when I'm baking with grandchildren, I have to remember that the object is not to bake a cake, but we managed to accomplish that task.

A crew went to the pool.

We took the floatie for Lewis, but we didn't take Lewis.

Ben took advantage of that for awhile.

One of my favorite things about Ben is his love for jumping in the water.

I could watch this all day long.

Quite a while passed before I saw Kyle's face.

Camille practiced her swim lessons from yesterday.

Bradley was concerned that he didn't have goggles.

He wasn't concerned for very long.

Lewis woke up from his nap and joined us at the pool.

He watched the big kids coordinate their jumps.

He decided he wanted to jump, too.

Bradley and Kyle practiced crazy jumps.

Bradley really got into the spirit of this.

When the clouds ruined the sun for my pictures, I walked home.

Look what I found.

Camille reminded me that we had to finish the cake.

She made the ganauche.

Everyone helped with dinner, which included my chicken dish with basil.  I like it when people like this.  The only reason I grow basil is to make this.

Will likes corn on the cob.

Then we had cake and ice cream.  I must say something about the cake.  I used Dave's snob cocoa,  which he insists is the best for his chocolate tea, and is not what I use.  This cocoa put my favorite cake over the top.  It was marvelous.

While everyone else did the dishes, I watched Star Trek with my peeps.

I love that I have indoctrinated so many of them.  

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