Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wonderful Sunday!

I am making a deliberate effort to teach Matt the joys of Utah.  First up: a desert morning.

The hummingbirds cooperated.

Unfortunately, a hungry yellow jacket did, too.

We attended our branch in the morning.  Matt and Jacob attended our ward in the afternoon.  After all the meetings, Will came for dinner.  

I made my favorite chicken recipe.  Tomatoes were optional, but the boys scarfed this down, with two of the three having seconds, including the basil vinaigrette.

Yesterday I bought watermelon from my fruit stand.

That's where I bought the corn, too.  It was delicious.

We laughed and laughed and had so much fun over dinner.

We had fun with Matt and the crystal.  We enjoyed another symphony and I tried to take a movie, but the melody was quiet, and we weren't.

Fist bumps happened all over the place.

The boys took a break from the kitchen and headed for the pinball machine.  All of a sudden, Papa and I heard screaming.  Ben raced down the stairs, thinking we might need an ambulance.  I grabbed my camera.  It was worth the trip.

Then dessert happened.  I made Will's lemon loaf.

I tweaked the Ghiradelli mousse cake a bit.  This is, hands down, the best mousse cake I've ever made.  Needing more calories, Matt and Jacob added ice cream.

I have an update on the dish shards.  We thought the shards would take four weeks to tumble.  Unfortunately, the tumbler failed to operate properly after four days.  This was obviously too long for the shards.  However, I thought grandkids might like to paint them.

I used a few JoAnn coupons and bought paints and nice brushes.

Saturday I noticed Matt's and Jacob's necklaces.  An idea blossomed.  After lunch yesterday, we made a stop and bought jewelry supplies to turn the shards into necklaces.

After repairing the tumbler, we let the second batch of tumble for 6 hours.  The edges are perfect.  The colors are perfect.  I am excited!


  1. Looks like Steve's record is in trouble!

  2. It's too bad those two won't overlap very long here...

  3. Finally caught up on your blog! Can I come visit next summer???