Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Fugees

Hurricane Ike sent Dave's family to the safely of Dallas.
Cousins are reportedly having a great time together.
Adults are hanging in there... No power in Lake Jackson, so this could go on for awhile.
Jeff took the kids to see his work. That's why it looks like they are in a hospital.
No need to think the worst.

In the meantime, Sam flew in to watch BYU play UCLA.
They were pretty happy about the score.
As for me, I cooked more ribs.


  1. They're all looking at the camera except our little rebel princess, Kate. Bless her :)

  2. I'm glad David and his family are alright. Have they heard when they can return home safely?

  3. I was wondering how the Dave and Mary were doing with Ike. Where did Mary evacuate to? I am glad they are doing well and are safe. Matt and Terri have no power, but last I heard did not have to evacuate.

  4. I like the title of this post. VERY cute "fugees"


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