Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sharon's Wedding

Sharon married Mike on Friday in the Boston Temple. It was fun to see family.

The last wedding I attended was Melissa and Douglas's in the Denver Temple at Christmas.

The food at the wedding was delicious! It alone made the trip worthwhile.
(This apple didn't fall far from the tree...)

Ben had fun with Isaac.

Actually, visiting Steve, Janet and Kyle was a major purpose of our trip.
They came with us to Boston.

Kyle was pretty cute.

The day after the wedding we went to the Boston Aquarium.
Kyle would not look at the fish. He said, "No way!"

He was happier in the car on the way back to Niskayuna. We played peek-a-boo.

All Aboard!

My favorite train engineer made an appearance today.  He cheerfully let his brother join him in playing with the train set.  Honestly, liste...