Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blast From The Past

I'm scaning in slides during conference weekend.
Gayla, Tom, Dave, Erik, Mark.
Sam, Douglas, Becky on the right.
Scott, Reed, Laura, Sharon, Jeff and Jill.

Tom, Gayla, Mark, Sharon, Erik, Dave
Douglas and a runaway Amy, Scott,
Sam holding screaming Tommy, Reed,
Matt, Jill holding Dave Owen, Jill & Jeff,
Laura's in the front.
Feel free to correct me. This was hard.
Julie with fashionable 1976 glasses and Sammie
Dave, Sam and baby Jeff
Sammie in the sand, 1976, at Airport Lake in Blackfoot.
Davy kissing new baby brother Sammie, 1975.
Dave, Jeff, Sam and dog Lizzie on a 1981 Christmas morning
Ben and Sammie with Ben's old train set Christmas morning 1981.
Aunt Mary, who used to live with us,
smooches Jeffy, 1978.
This carpet was so in style in the late 70s.
Mary lived with us until
Sammie cut the straps on all her shoes one morning.

Mary was a classic 1980 bride.
I still miss Mom a lot.
In my brain this is little Tommy, 1983.
Now he's Steve.
I made this costume for Dave, but Tommy grew into it.
Dave playing with little Tommy, 1983.
Dave still loves Aunt Mary.
The slide is dated 1978.
The slides were dumped in a box.
It's random what I pick up.
This is new baby Cori.
She was a perfect baby.
I used to find her singing in her crib.
This, of course, is Jeffy!
Fearsome Jeff in Sesame Street pajamas.

1977, Mom and Dad visited us in Baytown.
1981, Christmas Day.
I seem to have the same glasses from 5 years ago.
Just for the record,
I was thrilled to have an adorable baby girl.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Can I Break the Addiction?

I got home about 2 am this morning after
retrieving Ben from the airport after his trip to Ghana.
A senior sister has been buying me batiks.
Her mission, her third in Ghana, is coming to an end,
This is my last batch of fabric.
So sad.
See the light green batiks? Not what she picked for a new table runner,
But I can see it happening at a sewing machine near me.
Christmas preparations will wait...

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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