Thursday, April 23, 2009

There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly

I haven't been on a bike ride for awhile.
I was going to go tomorrow morning, but rain is in the forecast.
So I went this afternoon.
It was very different than my normal morning rides.
I saw a squirrel.
This is one of my favorite sights.
I wonder if it has a name.
I call it, "The Sphinx."
There were a lot of people at the falls.
I didn't take their picture,
but I did have to walk my bike past them.
I was surprised to find snow still on the trail.
This was at the end, almost at Vivian Park.
But the biggest surprise was the number of bugs.
And yes, one flew down my throat.
It was awful.
I know it's inside,
wiggling and tickling.


  1. Gross! I hope he digested ok :o)
    And, by the way, you're right about having perspective. That's not easy to remember at 3 in the morning when the baby is screaming and you have a virus that makes you not able to hardly walk to her room for the 5th time that night :o) We are feeling better, though, and it definitely could have been worse! I am so very grateful for those vaccines!!!

  2. Good for you for biking all that way! Sorry about the bug though!

    When oh when will it be spring??? I bet we don't get any spring at all and then it will be summer.

  3. Yeah it does kind of look like a sphinx.

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Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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