Saturday, July 25, 2009

Merry-Go-Round Fun

Friends from Ghana have come to visit.
This is Frandya and Liza.
Technically, these girls are Americans,
but they will move home to Ghana next year.
Frandya was named after Lydia. Adwoa is on the right.
They loved Ben's merry-go-round.
Do you think we are the only people
with a merry-go-round in our garage?
Ben and I worked with Flint during our mission.
His wife is Felicia.
As they talked with Lydia in Twi,
I heard words like, "Facebook,"
and "Gospel,"
and lots of laughing.
I did the same thing I did while in Ghana:
I smiled.
I'm warming up for grandkids coming next week.


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