Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Visit To Marty!

Becky and I drove to Idaho Falls today to see Marty.
Mo and Sam didn't care a twit when Becky left.
Batman was in trouble, but
they knew Robin was coming.
Becky has skills, you know.
Marty is going home soon,
and Becky assessed him and the house.
Marty is quite strong.
His mother Marilyn is pushing on the red triangle
so Marty doesn't push it off the bed.
A little laughter is going on because
Marty suggested he live on
Reed's Dairy chocolate milk once he goes home.
Marty was happy to see me.
I was encouraged when I saw him.
He thanked me for coming.
Peter played with his dad all day long.
What a fun, cute little boy!


  1. It's fun to see the photos. Thanks for going up.

  2. That's great you went up with Becky! Thanks for sharing, we think/worry all the time about him.


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