Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

Today's random photos came from a random box.
This is Willie -- a rare photo not taken with
a digital camera.
I have to assume this was a visit to Idaho Falls made by
Dad's grandkids. Dad must have sent me this photo.
Look who's here:
Matt (not Reed) and Terri, Sally and Savannah, Laura, Heidi and Reed and Caleb,
Jill and Marty and Sophie, is that Sydney next to Tom?
And it's always nice to see Gayla.
Isn't this a nice photo of Sam?
When? Where? I have no idea.
I wonder if Steve gave any thought that someday
he'd be the seminary teacher feeding kids breakfast.
I swear, Matt and Andy were the cutest little boys ever.
Who knew Grandpa Cannon did this?
Obviously he was proud of himself.
I think Margaret talked him into it.
I remember this. Christmas in Lake Jackson.
HL, Matt and Andy, Pauline, Dave, Jeff, my Dave,
Mary, moi, Carolyn holding someone, Laura, Corinne, Ben and Chris.
Dad took the photo.
I love these people -- Dave, Mary and Matt.
Mom took this with her Polaroid. The ID comes from her
handwriting, which melted my heart.
l-r Jill, Mark, Tom, Matt, Sharon, Becky, Reed & Laura.
That was Christmas 1980.
Grandpa took this photo.
It's Andy again, the great fisherman.
This is Steve about 1994 in New Jersey.
Cori and Applesauce -- they spent a lot of time together.
This is one of my most favorite pictures ever!
Doesn't Sam look nice on my blog today?
Dave had just gotten his license, a major life event
for any mother.
Isn't this a great action shot?
Notice Cori is missing a few teeth.


  1. Wow, Reed made it around the table so quickly that he was in the same picture twice.

  2. I like the spilled milk picture too! What was going on there?

  3. I had dropped a milk carton on the kitchen floor. Applesauce (our cat) was graciously helping me by lapping up the milk. I remember it like it yesterday. She was a good cat.

  4. ... and Matt and Andy were the cutest little boys ever. Little hellions (some things never change) but cute for sure.

  5. Love the oldies but goodies! That milk picture could be a postcard!

  6. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. I love the ones of your kids in the clear lake house....such fun memories down there...pool...brownies...MTV....astros baseball....Batman the Movie.....Nintendo....lots and lots of crazy boys..thank goodness for Corinne :)


Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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