Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm In Love!

I've been tending Brad.
I love this baby.
He knows how to eat,
and he can really burp.
Papa Ben took this picture.
He loves Bradley, too.
He's a very peaceful baby.
There has been talk that he's not so peaceful at night...
I don't know what that's all about.
He sleeps fine for the day.This is the proud dad.
Sam is training for a half-marathon.
He ran ten miles yesterday,
all the way to University Parkway, up to 9th East,
south to Center, down to University Avenue,
and then 44 blocks home.
He said if he'd taken his cell phone, he'd have
called for a ride from downtown.
Cousin Chris came to visit.
Sam told Chris that he'd been told babies pooped a lot
and that parents didn't get a lot of sleep.
While he admitted that was true,
he said no one told him how satisfying it was
to be up at night with your own baby.Uncle Joe came to visit.
Don't drop him!
Melissa remembers when Joe was Brad's age.I'm going nuts over this baby.
I made him a star bunting.I cooked Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.
It was yummy.
I had pie for breakfast today.
I'm living well right now:
Family, food, fun!


  1. I want some pumpkin pie. I want a star bunting. And I want to hold baby Brad.

  2. What a little miracle baby!!!

    PS I want a star bunting too. Or at least to learn where you found that pattern...


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