Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm Never Going Home!

We went sledding in Rock Canyon Park.
First we had to get everyone's boots on.
We all had a fun time.
Chris helped Melanie gain some courage.
And guess who taught Will to go head first.
I had a blast!
But I am a little sore.
We had a quiet afternoon.
Melanie and Matt helped me make Peppermint Bark.
We probably should deliver some to the neighbors...
My sister-in-law Joani taught me about crafts with grandkids.
Jacob had so much fun he said,
"This is so great! I'm never going home!"


  1. Chris holding Mel's hand while sledding is my new wallpaper - and my new positive mental thought ;)

  2. how fun, joani is the best! have a very merry christmas


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