Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here Comes the Bride!

I've had to edit this post.  Hope you will forgive me.
But this day our family had a great time.
Will likes to pose alone.
He also taught Matt how to twist off his finger.
Dave inherited his photogenic abilities from Nathan.
Or maybe from Carolyn.
Mary was very happy.
Alisha used her recommend today.
Vaccination records and voter registration cards might work for TSA,
but not at the temple.
.Dave brought all the kids.
He forgot the diaper bag.
At least he remembered the baby.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Life is a Beautiful Beach

Today we went to the Sea Center.
We like to pet the crabs.
Then we went to the beach.
David tried to catch some critters.
Everyone tried to catch some critters.
Fortunately, some critters live in mud...
But, no luck.
However, there are many ways to have fun at the beach.
Jeff skipped rocks.
Matt was an eager learner.
Jacob loves the water.
Carolyn found fascinating objects to photograph.
Ben and Ben chased waves.
Will can have fun doing anything.
The wedding is tomorrow, so Matt got a new haircut.
He came out to check the surf.
Dave Owen flew in for the wedding.
He thought the surf was fine.
Alisha barely made it.
Her driver's license got lost and forgotten at the bank.
TSA let her board with an expired voter's registration
and her vaccination record.
No way did they think she was dangerous!
There was no sand for Nathan.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Cousins, More Ice Cream

Melanie read to me this morning.
She loves to read.
She changed some of the sentences and it was quite funny.
Chris, currently known as "the groom," came by.
Jacob didn't want to let him go.
We went to the nature walk at the sea center.
Nathan didn't want to miss a thing.
Jacob and Matt found lots to look at.
I thought the wildlife was amazing.

Papa Ben brought home BBQ for dinner.
Dave made more ice cream.
This is cocoa nib. Is it better than last night's vanilla?
Close, but I think the vanilla won.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dewey and Papa Tend Five Kids. Kids Survive.

Dave and Carolyn went to the temple today.
I assured Carolyn that Ben and I could keep her kids all day long.
No problem.
Melanie wanted to play bobble heads with me.
I love bobble heads.
Jacob was Ben's shadow.
Matt tuned out.Melanie tuned in.
Will knew how to entertain himself.
Poor Nate.
He absolutely and completely refused to take a bottle.
It was a long day for him.
Today, he survived on two jars of bananas,
and a lot of distractions, including a long walk in the stroller.
He was beside himself with joy when his mommy returned.
He's having a finger sandwich for dessert.
Mary came by after work.
I shared some BYU truffles with her.
We enjoyed shabu shabu for dinner.
Dave made the best ice cream ever.
Vanilla bean.
It rivaled any chocolate I've ever had.
The bean is next to my bowl.
He's already made the base for the next batch.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Take Off & Landing

Ben and I took Kyle and Janet to the airport today.
I made Kyle an airport bag.
It was full of treats.
Ben taught Kyle how to bite heads off animal crackers,
a lesson that actually did not start well,
but ended with giggles.
When it was time for them to board their plane,
Janet gave the man the boarding passes,
And Kyle ran laughing down the jet way.
I about fell over laughing.
They flew to California to visit Janet's siblings.
Ben and I flew to Texas,
where we were ambushed at Hobby by Dave's family!
They demanded to be taken to a Japanese restaurant.
We had a wonderful time.
Nathan only got milk,
some of which I wore home.
Jacob practiced with chopsticks.
Melanie loves miso soup as much as I do,
even the mushrooms.
Matt demonstrated his prowess.
Will is ready to catch flies with his chopsticks!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dewey Tends Kyle, Part II

After checking on Kyle about ten times,
he finally woke up.
I asked him what he wanted to do and he said,
He likes the "silver marble game," a toy his daddy
and uncles used to play with.
The first person Kyle asked for this morning
was Papa Ben.
Kyle knows how to find his office.
There's a long way, and a short way to it.
Kyle likes the long way.
Kyle likes to ring the doorbell on the house
and peek inside at the little people.
Papa Ben made blueberry pancakes for Kyle.
Only at this point did Kyle casually ask
where his mommy and daddy were.
Kyle likes to sit with me at my computer.
Here are some of the things we enjoy doing:
Hidden Puzzles
The Elephant Song

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dewey Tends Kyle

First, we made some robots.Kyle made a car from the bristle blocks.
Then, we played with the popoids.
Kyle made a "picture show" with the animals.
After some cereal,
we read two stories,
and he's asleep.
I hope Mom and Dad aren't worried.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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