Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blast From the Past, Box of Random Photos

I scanned in photos today.
They were just piled in a box.
It was totally and completely random.
This one is my very favorite. Cori was about 5.
I made this dress for her.
She was also 5 when this photo was taken at Disneyworld.
No baby was cuter or better dressed that this child.
I hope she likes that rainbow t-shirt.
Or this t-shirt.
Grandpa Cannon sent Steve this t-shirt.
He was known as Tommy at this time.
I think this picture is a scream.
Tommy was a cute kid.
We had wild ducks in our yard in those days.
We had a lot of fun with those ducks.
Of course, the ducks brought alligators. Seriously.
We had fun with a lot of kids, too.
Remember Misha? He is on the far right.
Tom, Becky, Reed and Matt are in this photo,
as is Mike Brown.
We had other visitors, too.
Scott and Douglas Cannon drove down to visit us for Easter.
Sometimes we went places.
I suppose this was in Utah. I have no memory of it.
And where was Sam?
I miss cousin Steve.
Remember ski trips to New Mexico?
Uncle Mike's family joined us.
I didn't always go. Ben took this photo.
Here's another cute photo of Cori.
Tommy had a bike, too.
This was taken during a trip to Utah.
This was the racing vehicle of a friend of Ben's.
We made a lot of trips to Utah.
Grandma Markham had a Twister game.
Grandma always fed us well.
Remember her chocolate cake?
I did not see many photos of Sam today.
The going word, again, was "random."
Now, this kid looks like he'll grow up and get an MBA, right?
I was happy to see this picture of Mom and Dad.
I found many random photos of Jeff.
Jeff always knows how to have a good time.
These are the Neopolitan brothers,
As in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.
Doesn't this kid look like he'll grow up to be a doctor?
He looks like someone who will grow up
to live in upstate New York.
Two handsome men, right?
Ok, here are some handsome people.
This was Dave's second date.
Amy now lives in Friendswood
where her husband has been a bishop.
(She had good taste.)
Dan Bustos lived with us for a year.
I made the bodice for Angie's dress.
Her mother made the skirt.
This was about the time Dave got accepted to BYU.
You all heard about that, right?
For years all I did was kids.
I don't know how, but I survived.
Susan also raised kids for a long time.
This photo was taken in 1980.
I think Mark is saying,
"In 29 years I'll get married?"
This is Mary, Joani, me and Susan, I think in 1998.
Mary and I are discussing the date based on our hair.
Update: we decided it was 1992,
after a gathering for Nana's 100th birthday.
This photo was taken in Grandpa Cannon's driveway.
Gayla, Douglas and Erik used to visit them often.
This slide was not in the box from yesterday.
It was in with the photos.
I believe this is the only photo with all four members
of Ben's family together.
I gotta say I still see Kyle in Ben.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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