Saturday, June 6, 2009

Surprising Find!

Please let me tell you how I spend my time.
This is a page from a book of
early church records in
Woodbridge, New Jersey.
(If you click on the photo, you can easily read it.)
I was looking for the Jaques name.
I didn't expect to find six direct line ancestors.
If you are a descendant of
Beth Innes Cannon,
these are your ancestors, too.
Richard Cutter, grandson of a Puritan immigrant,
is married to Mary Pike.
Mary is the daughter of John Pike,
the son of another Puritan immigrant,
and his wife Sarah Stout (shown as Sarah Pike).
Sarah's parents aren't here, but please let me tell you about them.
Her mother, Penelope, came with her husband and other
Dutch Puritans to New York when it was New Amsterdam.
Her husband was killed by Indians upon their arrival and she was kidnapped.
She was rescued a year later and married Richart Stout,
Sarah Pike's father.
Also on this page is John Jaques and his wife Susanna.
John is the grandson of a Puritan immigrant.
These six people were among the early founders (1707/8)
of the Church of Christ,
in Woodbridge, New Jersey.
They are the great-grandparents (& 2nd great)
of Benjamin Freeman Bird, my oldest LDS Pioneer convert,
born during the Revolution.
It was quite a thrill to see all six names on this page!
Just so you know what I can do with a camera,
this is a photo of the page taken at a microfilm reader.
One more thing -- a very popular name for girls
at this time is Mahitable.
The Mahitable here is no relation, but I love this name.
Aunt Maydae used to have a doll
named Mahitable.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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