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Australian Blog

In days gone by, blogs were called albums. This is Ben's father's missionary album.
His name was Ben, too.
He served a 3 year mission in Australia in the early 1930s.
I scanned in the photos during the conference sessions today. He took pictures we could expect a missionary to take.
He labeled this, "Aussie Grizzly." I was impressed with this photo. Also in the photo album were pictures from his youth.
He was twelve in this picture, a Deacon,
being prepared for three years of suit-wearing. A portrait just before his mission. There were many photos of him with other elders.
I loved the details in these photos.
Notice the watch chains. Or the hair.
Yes, please notice their hair.
Definitely not current hair standards for elders.
Elders in those days wore hats.
Elder Markham is on the far right.
There were several formal portraits taken during his mission. This photo was taken at the time the mission president
and his wife were leaving in 1932.
In a tidbit of information,

32 Degrees

I love this mountain.
Ben took the photo for me.
I hope this bodes well for a cold, snowy winter.

41 Degrees

Thunder, lightening and lottsa rain moved in this morning.
Now Mt. Timp looks like this!


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