Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun in Wimberly

We are having a family reunion in Texas.
The kids have the parents all confused.
Hiking is fun!
Nathan found a good method.
Will and Jacob copied the idea.
Kyle is quite the trooper.
We built a cairn so we wouldn't get lost.
At least, I think that was the reason.
After the hike, some cooling down time was in order.
Let me just say that the water was cold.
Auntie Corinne found a warmer spot.
Uncle Steve taught the kids how to fence.
We had some dessert.
The cousins have had fun getting to know each other.
We had to laugh --
Did this baby already find the plug?
Jacob loves Corinne.
He let her help him with a loose tooth.This guy thought he was at a reunion for Uncle Mike.


  1. That isn't fencing! Those are lightsaber fights!! Looks like fun!

  2. Look at all those cute grandkids!

  3. What a cute LITTLE TOAD!

    I'm not sure many of your readers will appreciate that picture.


Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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