Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photos From Susan

Susan scanned in some old photos.
some of which I had never seen before.
Is this the cutest photo ever?
L-R Collins Phillip, Mike and baby sister Susan.
Do you just want to hug little Susan?
Can you see Max in Mike's face?
While Mike is almost 8 years older than I am,
after seeing this, he is now my baby brother.
Have you seen Rachel lately?
This is her grandmother Susan.
I'm thinking Mom paid good money for this photo.
L-R: Mike, Susan and Collins Phillip
My Grandfather Collins Telle Cannon operated
a woolen mill in Logan before the Depression.
Dad and Maydae modeled the sweaters.
This is a classic photo, and now I have a copy.
(And you do, too, if you right click.)


  1. I love old pictures!! I wonder if years from now people will look at our pictures in the same way!

    BTW YOUR Bradley is SO cute!

  2. GREAT pics! I'm putting them in my iphoto!

  3. Yes, I do want to hug little Susan! And I want to hug my little grandpa and great Aunt Maydae modelling those cute little sweaters! Wow! Thanks for sharing these.

  4. My kids call that one picture of me the Shirley Temple picture.


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