Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bradley Makes A Visit!

Brad brought his mom for a visit.
He didn't want much to do with me,
but he did want my camera.
He likes to walk around furniture.
He didn't care this was my grandmother's chair,
but he liked the caning.
I was a little hurt that he went straight
to Ben when he got home from church.
But lickety-split -- Brad took his glasses.We had dinner -- Bradley ate leftover blueberry
pancakes from breakfast.
Bradley thought Ben's merry-go-round
was a terrific idea!
It was such a pretty evening that we went for a walk.
We stopped by the pond to say hello
to Papa's koi.The koi said hello back.
When we got home, Bradley decided he'd
like to do a little swimming himself.
His daddy used to play with those toys, btw.


  1. Wasn't he born last week??? How did he get so big?

  2. Awwww, what a sweetie! 'Miss those guys!

  3. He's so sweet! He looks fabulous on your rugs:)

  4. He is so sweet! He looks fabulous on your rugs!:)

  5. He's a beautiful boy! Our family sure love his parents. We hope one day to meet this awesome boy!

  6. as a friend of melissa's who often berates her for her lack of posting - thank you grandma dewey for filling in the gap!!


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