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Where's Savannah?

Joani is in the neighborhood,
helping Sally out.
I took lunch today.
Becky was there!
It was a two hour lunch,
I think enough time to catch up.
Mo was just a little bored,
but after awhile Becky took him home,
and Joani took Sally to the doctor.
I was the designated waitee for the school bus.
I renewed my acquaintance with Zach.
Sydney came in the door and raced to the piano to practice.
I was impressed!
Summer beat me at Candy Land TWICE.
And I lost Savannah.
I have no idea where she went.
It's good they didn't pay me for this job.

Cultural Education

My strays are still here.
It's tough having young people around.
I mean, YOUNG. One day as Justin and Mitch left, I said,
"Have fun storming the castle."
Blank looks.
With encouragement from Kevin and Chris,
they are watching The Princess Bride.
I am seeing to their cultural education,
that's for sure.
They are trying very hard to leave.


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