Saturday, October 2, 2010

Collins Telle Cannon Photos 1910-1915

Shortly before my father died,
he gave me a very old photo album and said,
"I don't know many of the people in this album."
The album was so old and fragile that I didn't even open it.
I remembered it this morning as I started to scan in photos
and decided to take a look.
What a treasure!
My grandfather Collins Telle Cannon was called to
serve in the French Mission in 1910.
The album, which crumbled every time I touched it,
included these photos.
Collins T. Cannon is on the left.
How many of us Cannons have posed
in front of a cannon?
Elder Cannon on the far right.
I was not surprised to see a resemblance to his father,George,
but I was surprised to see how much
his great-grand-son Mark resembles him.
What a serious pose!
This appears to be his room in Paris.
Elder Cannon is on the left.
Like any missionary, he took photos of famous sites.
Do you recognize Maxims?
A quaint sight -- cobblestones, oxen and a wagon of wood.
The Eiffel Tower was only 20 years old in this photo.
Take your eyes off the statue and look at the pant cuffs.
I believe Elder Cannon is on the left.
Notice their footwear and the cane.
Elder Cannon is standing in the back left.
This looks like a fun group.
The woman in the front right showed up in many photos.
I'm hoping she was an investigator.
How many photos of meals are there so far?
Is there any doubt that Collins Burton is this man's son?
Look closely at Elder Cannon's face, far left.
[No matter how hard I tried, I could not read the writing.
Double click if you want to try.]
Who else can see the resemblance to Erik?
I like the white shirt, white tie.
I had a few days like this on my mission, too.There weren't many labels on these photos,
but I think Elder Cannon is on the far right.
I especially like their hats.Dad put some labels in the album.
I left this one -- that's his handwriting, not Elder Cannon's.Is this the Paris we think of today?
A thoughtful pose.
I cropped a lot out of this photo,
but Dad thought it was taken on Christmas Day 1910.
I rarely saw my grandfather without a beret.
This is where it started, of course.
He did not keep the mustache.
I'm sure the elders had a fun day in the French Alps.
I believe Elder Cannon is 2nd from the right.Maybe they had too much fun!
Elder Cannon, second from left, with companions
on the ship home, March 1913.
I have to assume this photo is after his mission.
He's second from the left.
Please notice his shoes.
Dad identified the friend as Harry.
I cannot guess anything about the photo,
except I know I love the boots.
Perhaps there was some civil engineering involved.
I can't explain this picture at all, either.
Grandfather is on the right.
Did he have a past as a miner that I don't know about?
The faint caption identifies Ida May Burton on the left.
Grandmother Cannon told me Collins impressed her.
In this photo, he is driving, she is in the front.
I did not scan this photo in backwards.
I don't know why the steering wheel on the right.
I suspect Ida May is barely 20 in this photo.
Collins was about 26.
The friend on the left is Anne, according to Dad's caption.
Collins is in the center and sweet Ida May is on the right.
I recognize Harry on the left.
Collins and Ida May are on the right.
Notice they are in the mountains all dressed up for a picnic.
That was how things were done in those days.
Nana seems to be having such a wonderful time.
I love her shoes, but I'm not sure I would have
liked all the buttons.
I believe a phonograph is on the left.
Collins and Ida May are in the back.
That other man isn't Harry,
so this is a different picnic in the mountains.
Collins in the center.
I am pretty sure Ida May is on the right.
I love those buttons!
I don't know the leg of beef story.
I'll ask Aunt Maydae.
Collins T. and Ida May married in 1915.
[Update: I spoke with Aunt Maydae.
She has never seen missionary photos of her father
and did not know this album existed.
I'll show it to her very soon.]

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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