Thursday, April 21, 2011

Track Hoe in the River

This morning I saw a track hoe driving down the Provo River.
Provo City received emergency approval to
clean up part of the river near our neighborhood.
This track hoe operator was like a ballerina--
dancing all over the river.
There's a record snow pack in the mountains,
and I have never seen the river flow higher.
But log jams were making a mess.
Last night the men at the dam cut the flow
by 2 feet so the track hoe, which weighs 70,000 pounds,
could work safely.
How many Provo City employees does it take
to cut down a tree?
It just takes one, but the track hoe had to get him there.Sometimes they pulled the trees to the side
and a crew cut them up.
But most of the time they cut the trees in half so
they wouldn't get hung up downstream.
I was extremely impressed with their skill and bravery.For awhile two men both used their chain saws.
Let's hope all their efforts keep the water in the river,
and not in the streets,
or heaven forbid -- in my house!


  1. Julie, I am truly dissappointed. I totally expected you to have video with a musical number accompanying it. It is cool, nonetheless.

  2. Sorry, I couldn't make the video work, but they are cool movies. No music, though -- the track hoe is pretty loud.

  3. You've already had one flood at your house which is more than enough.

    I know several little boys who would absolutely love to watch this equipment. Take videos and post them even without music.

  4. Those guys should have life vests on.

  5. The crew on the banks had safety equipment in case there was a problem.

  6. WOW! I am amazed! The river is HIGH by our house too!

  7. That is just crazy! I also can't believe all the snow up there. Y'all need to send some precipitation to Texas.


Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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