Friday, April 29, 2011

One of These Weeks is Not Like The Others...

Last weekend, after finishing the Driver biography,
I decided to take this week off and sew.
I started with pajamas for granddaughters' dolls.
Please notice that I matched the stripes.
Nighties, with bottoms -- fun to make!
I love this fabric -- these are sun dresses
with jackets.
I tied a quilt for a new granddaughter.
I love this Indonesian batik
and have made several things from it.
Walmart sells this truck fabric.
I made 2 quilts for 2 little grandsons.
This afternoon I made brownies,three loaves of raisin bread,
which has become my new favorite dinner,
(with hot chocolate,)
and I experimented with a loaf of artisan bread
for tomorrow's dinner --
which means -- Yes, Ben -- I'll cook a real meal!
Next week: back to genealogy.

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