Monday, May 9, 2011

Can't Let Go

I finished my Driver biography a couple weeks ago,
but I can't seem to escape it.
This was the first biography I have written
where I have inserted a lot of pictures.
This was my Grandmother Cannon's family,
and I guess she made sure there were great photos taken.
Ben has uploaded 5 versions of this biography because I think
I'm finished and then I find another great photo.
I found this picture this morning while looking for something else.
These are grandchildren of Charlotte and Wm. Driver --
my father and his sisters Maydae and Betsy,
taken in 1921, the year William Driver died.
Worth adding, don't you think?
Last week I had him pull it down and upload a new
version with this photo.
This is Charlotte Boulter Driver herself!
I've already started working on the next family,
but the Drivers aren't letting me go...
Sadly, he's in Africa,
so when he gets home I have one little job for him...

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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