Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

We gather together...
to play with electronics.
And pray that they still our entertainers will be.
We made a token gesture to feed the birds...
before they fed us.
Our food was delicious.
And not just the turkey.
Jeff does sous-vide so he can use a blow torch.
We were happy to sample his endeavors.
There were a lot of cooks, actually.
We have done a lot more than eat, though!
Being here this week has been like
stepping through the Looking Glass.
The weather cooperated.
Six months ago this child wouldn't
get near the diving board -- and now look!
There were a lot of helpers to encourage!
It was hard to get enough sleep, though.
We've been smelling the flowers all week long...
and spending a lot of time together...
and smiling a lot.
Aren't these smiles precious?
Yes, lots of smiles!
Counting our blessings, one by one.
I imparted my wisdom,
and demonstrated how to crack pecans with bare hands.
We've all felt like royalty this week.
Living high.
We played some classic games!
Everyone was a hero!
And of course, there were engineering discussions.
I love my family.
And many, many thanks to Laura and Jeff, our hosts.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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