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The Old Provo Tabernacle

Ben and I visited the tabernacle grounds in Provo.
An older building was built before the newer tabernacle,
which was completed in 1898 but burned in 2010.
The remains of the older building lie
directly north of the tabernacle,
which will soon be rebuilt into a temple.
This photo looks east.
Construction on the older tabernacle began in 1856
and took 11 years to complete.
At that time the building was already too small.
Ground-penetrating radar indicated where the foundation
of the old tabernacle was buried.
I stood at the north side of the foundation to take this photo.
The building, seen from the north in this photo,
had a basement which could be entered from either side.
The foundation walls can be seen here.
They were originally 12 feet high.
This space in front of the foundation wall
was reached by the stairwells seen in the photo above.
Of the two sets of stairs which led into the basement,
only the west steps remain.
The eastern stones were missing when
the archaeologists dug down.
The archaeologists…