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Visitors, Boats & Snakes!


Flowers at the Provo Temple

The gardeners at the Provo Temple have outdone themselves.

Conference Weekend: Family

Mary found this picture in her truck.
I used to have totally darling boys.
This darling boy is Mary's.
So is this one.
Isn't this a great photo?
Since I put up 3 pictures of Mary's kids,
I hunted for a picture of the fourth, but oldest,
who is here with my fourth.
In those years, Steve had agency,
which never affected his niceness.
Scanning in these photos brought back a lot of good memories.Grandma Markham used to visit us for Christmas.
Btw, I've heard that skinny ties are back in style.
Have I ever mentioned that Corinne was the cutest 5-year-old ever?There is no question about that.
I took a zillion pictures of her.
Sorry about that skinned knee...
Corinne worked hard at school...
But she was busy at home, too.
I was happy to remember our family vacations
as I listened to conference talks about
spending time together as a family.
I was always happy when our kids
were happy together.
Cori and Steve, who I almost called Tom, still get along.


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