Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Delicious Trip So Far!

First stop on our May trip was to this calm, quiet family...
Big sister is on a softball team and is quite good!
Both sisters played well in a piano recital.  Little sister would have rather faced a firing squad, I do believe.  She was so relieved when the recital was over!
We had fun swimming and made sure Baby was secure.  Water wings, a life jacket, and a pink whale did the trick.
Big brother has zero fear of the water.  Unfortunately for me, he is also a good aim with his water gun.
Little brother constantly cracks me up.  Several times he said, "I am having a good time," but he said it with his tongue between his lips. Melted my heart.
This is what a mermaid looks like.
Big sister was my 6 am helper for bagels on Sunday, arising on her own.  She thought little bagels for her brothers were in order.  Jeff made the dough with me the night before.  (The crown came from Mom's Primary lesson.)
Adding the poppy seeds with care...
I have decided making the dough is the most important factor in the process.  Jeff's K-10 made all the difference in the world and taste tests were unanimous --  these bagels were the best ever!  If I sound obsessed with bagels, it's because I am.

Then, on to DC to spend time with Corinne and her next door neighbor, Lulu.
Sheba has always liked me.  Confucius stayed under the bed.
We had a lot of fun this afternoon doing something I never indulge in:  random shopping.  Big surprise:  we ended up in a chocolate aisle.
We also found some blue dishes, a greater weakness for me than chocolate.  Since I can't fly with these, Corinne graciously accepted them as an early birthday gift.  Tonight:  sushi.  Tomorrow:  Houston.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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