Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blast From the Past: My Three Sons

I love scanning in photos on conference weekend.  Today:  lots of pictures of Dave, Sammie and Jeff.
In this picture they are with my Grandmother Cannon in Salt Lake City.  Nana fed us roast beef for dinner that night, using her silver, crystal and china -- even for the boys.  I was terrified!  Notice the nightshirts Jeff and Sammie are wearing.  Dave outgrew his.
Those three boys were a hoot when they played together.
That's my memory, and this picture confirms it.
For awhile we had a dog they loved, Rusty.
I had written on the back, "Sammie is always trying to help Jeffy."
I'm sure that's why I took this picture...
I got a lot of mileage out of having Neapolitan children:  vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
This was a group hug after all three boys sang Happy Birthday to Jeff.
In those days I sewed a lot.  Please notice the matching corduroy overalls.
Like the polyester suits?  I only bought the one Dave is wearing.  The other two were hand-me-downs.  This photo was an enormous hit when it surfaced in 1992 while all 3 boys were in various bands.
I hunted far and wide for coordinating sweater vests.  I remember declaring victory when I found these at a Ross store in Baytown, Texas.
It was nice to  see this picture of my dad.  I forgot that he was young once.
We got a dog when we moved to New Jersey in 1980.  I named her Lizzie after one of my sisters, who was actually quite flattered.
Oh, there are so many things to love about this picture!  This was the boys' first experience with snow.
This is another photo from Jeff's second birthday.  Today I scanned in 5 shots of that day, which tells me  we were having a really fun time.
I will say right here and now that Sammie was a totally adorable child.

And sometimes I was his adorable mother.  I  made a habit of wearing bridesmaid dresses on Halloween.
Like the eyelashes?  I cut them from black construction paper.  I hope I won a prize.
Sam's hair floated--it was golden.  This was taken with a Polaroid camera.  Google it if you have to.
I have always had an adorable husband.  For those who don't know -- he used to be a redhead.
Ben has always, always been a great father.
For the record, my kids were always far more excited about Halloween than they ever were about Christmas.  The moral, especially on this conference weekend?  It's more exciting to think about who we will be than what we can get.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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