Saturday, March 16, 2013

Someone Turned Eight!

Birthday parties are a lot of fun, but especially for grandchildren who turn 8!
We love this middle sister -- she is such a sweetheart.
Her baptism was very special.
Which is what we expected, because she is so special.
Big sister is a wonderful granddaughter, too.
The sisters played a duet for Ben and me.
We had so much fun together!  Jeff took the girls and me roller skating.  Yes, it's true -- I went skating and had a blast!
We also played Mexican Train, and sometimes the games became very creative.
But wait -- there's another sister!
I can't get enough of Little Sister.
We also had loads of fun with two brothers -- constant laughs and motion!
We went on a lot of walks.  Some involved feeding ducks at sunset.
Ducks like frozen hot dog buns (Kids do, too.)
During this visit I found willing playmates to help me with my box of toys.
Big brother loves to play with my memory tiles.  He and I played constantly.
Big Brother is a good big brother.
And Little Brother is a panic.  All the time.
He can make anything fun!
And then, who should appear?  Boo!
Boo fed me grapes, and also fried okra, because he didn't think he'd like the latter.
He does like his mother, though.  And he likes walks.  And ducks.
Jeff is the king of walks.  Anytime I hinted I'd enjoy getting outside with the kids, he was there for me.
Of course, we never walked alone.  This picture, btw, was taken by Big Sister, who loved experimenting with my camera.
If there's a definition of a perfect night, it was last night on our walk, at sunset, with ducks, kids, frozen hot dog buns, Sam and Jeff's families, and lots of giggles.

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  1. Bahh!! Little JC is the cutest!! What beautiful kids, I yearn to kiss all their faces.


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