Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fun, Games, Spring!

Ben and I had some visitors drop in for a week.  Adele is the happiest baby I have ever met.  And I've met a lot of babies...
Camille liked my applesauce chocolate cake.  That made me happy!
I felt it necessary to educate Kyle on important matters, such as Calvin and Hobbs.  Steve helped out.
Of course, we ate a lot of Cafe Rio.  In fact, I overdid, if that's possible. 
Our egg hunt was a big success!
Kyle had a lot of fun taking pictures with my little camera. 
Of course, he's learning from the best.
I'm jazzed about the two new games I have. 
But Camille loved this old one, Corinne's Light Bright.
Kyle challenged his dad in Crossfire, another old favorite.
We took the kids to Mary's house to visit Max, who was extremely excited to play with the kids. 
We had to rescue the kids from all that fun by putting them in the little fort where they could be safe.  Unfortunately, Camille tumbled out of the fort, and who was the first one to kiss her better?
Right:  Max.
Provo has a lot of parks, and we visited several.
With perfect weather, we all had a great time.
Kyle taught Papa Ben the finer points of tic tac toe.
We spent some time along the Provo River.
I tried to take some good pictures.  How's this?
Steve was happy to cooperate in helping me get some good splash shots.
Kyle helped, too.
Camille and water mix very well.
Adele and I parked ourselves in a quiet place and watched the fun! 
Back at the house, we had an un-birthday party.
Everyone got a candle on their desserts.
And everyone got something to unwrap.
Some gifts were better than others, but everyone was kind enough to look pleased.
And we went to the zoo!
This was not my first time on a carousel.   
Even Papa Ben had a good time!
The animals were crazy.  This leopard didn't know this was his own tail.
I already miss them!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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