Saturday, October 12, 2013

Surprise Boo!

We heard Boo was in the state, so we hunted him down.  He sings when he rides scooters.  I was laughing while holding the camera.
We kidnapped him, but he didn't seem to mind at all.
I asked Boo if he would like some ice cream.  He said, "In a cup, please."  So I asked the lady if she could put ice cream in a cup.  She said, "Sure."

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blast From The Past -- Jeff and His Siblings

The folder I started with this weekend was full of pictures of Jeff.
Ella, of course, was featured in a few.
This picture was taken shortly after Ella's move home after 9 eternal weeks in the hospital.
Jeff was a little kid once.  Darling child.
But Jeff wasn't the only one who liked the Incredible Hulk.  Sammie and Dave were captured by Grandma Cannon's camera at a reunion in Los Alamos with cousins Erik and Tom.
I was impressed with this picture, not just because of the subject, but because Grandpa Cannon took it with his Polaroid.  Janet and Steve now have the rocking chair.
My heart melted every time I found a picture of Ella.  Her birth and the next three months were an emotional time for all of us.
Of course, Jeff was determined to introduce her to the classics.
Jeff is all about classic behavior.  I managed to capture this bonfire in my kitchen on his 13th birthday.
There must be 20 copies of this picture.  I think I scan it in every conference weekend.
Dave, Jeff and Sammie:  the cool guys.
We visited Hackle Barney Park often when we lived in New Jersey.
And our love of nature caused Jeff to start early taking Ella to parks.
I remember taking this picture.  It was at a stake conference.  It was a special occasion -- but I can't remember now why.
I found several pictures from Jeff's mission.
There were also several from Jeff's wedding day.
Laura and Jeff had a special relationship with Grandma Markham.
Grandpa Cannon was also nuts about little Ella.
This picture melted my heart, too.  Once upon a time I had my own baby girl.  I had just cut about 20 inches of Corinne's hair and then streaked it.
Carolyn has always been cool.  That's all I can say.
Did you hear Dave got accepted to BYU?  This was about that time.
I'm pretty sure this was right after Sammie's mission.  Someone didn't eat enough pasta.
Corinne and Steve were great pals in New Jersey.  This was a typical Sunday afternoon.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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