Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weekend Before Thanksgiving

I can't begin to tell you how much fun we are having.
Being with family is the best, even if you get your dad mixed up with an uncle.
Julia still bounces when she's excited. 
We have several 1000 piece puzzles.  These keep the adults out of the way.
I haven't seen the movie (only one on the planet), but the puzzle set is so fun!
I have a new memory tile game.  I have played it non-stop with the kids.  Sometimes I win.
As the grandkids get older, they learn how to amuse themselves.
Sirius and Casper have needed some attention, though.
The animals get along with the kids, but not necessarily with each other.
Minecraft is one of my favorite activities.  To watch.
Playing in a group.  All are welcome.
We went to a park.  Oh my.  I love parks!
Someone should get an award for inventing the swing.
This photo started out small and grew to the nearby kids.  Melted my heart.
Sirius loved the park as much as I did.
I want to remember that Ella voted against the park.  I have 25 pictures just like this one.
Most of the kids climbed this maze and asked me to take their picture.
My grandchildren love to pose for my camera.
They are clever about finding good shots.
This location was Janey's idea, but it nearly put both of us in the drink!
Whoever invented the slide should win a prize.
Next time we go, I'm going up into the fort, too.
No small amount of irony in talking about college with Will while we played.
Grandkids grow up way too fast.
There is water at this park.
Not to mention it was the golden hour.
This is a thoughtful photo of a thoughtful young man.
Did I mention I don't want to forget this moment?
Mel.  Oh my goodness.  Melanie.  What a delight!
Nathan loves me.  It's part of being in a family.
Helping out tired cousins is part of family life, too.
Monday night, we got a little crazy waiting for the stragglers to arrive.
Will is never crazy.
Sirius and Casper were finally learning how to get along, unaware that Phoebe was on the way.
Corinne finally arrived!!!!!
She brought Baby Ben.
The waiting crew stayed up late watching for Uncle Sammie and Aunt Melissa.

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