Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The First Wave

We are having a gathering this month, and everyone is excited about it!
Meet Vacation Ben, who has impressed his mother with new skills.
For example, he has learned to do a 360 roll and can now crawl backwards.
He hasn't strayed too far from the fold, however,
Cousin Camille had fun carrying babies in Corinne's Mei Tai. 
She is also an excellent babysitter.
No one needs to worry; the babies are receiving excellent care.
Adele is a very curious, happy child.
The sounds of happy children are magical.
We found wild cherries on our walk yesterday.
Harvesting was part of the fun.
The pit-spitting contest was the best!
Walks are wonderful with people we love.
Stopping on a bridge to look at the river makes us love everyone more.
Our destination was breakfast.
Although, most of the time we ate breakfast here.
Papa Ben and Adele invented a new game.
This one is called "Nah Nah Nah."  It's pretty fun.
Adele is pretty fun, even when she is helping make pizza.
I love that Camille loves Corinne's old Light Bright set.
Steve brushed Camille's hair one morning.
I asked Camille how her daddy learned to do such a good job.
Her reply?  "Well, first he started with picking noses."
Camille loves Jack and Molly, her great-aunt's dogs.
Adele loves playing with me.  The feeling is mutual.
Kyle led the fun on our adventure at Big Spring.
So much to do -- so little time!
I took a little adventure of my own to capture this.
Well worth the trip.
Kyle loves our pool more than anything else here.
Camille was pretty excited about the new life jacket I bought.
Trepidation is not usually a word used to describe Adele, and she warmed up to the pool quickly.
Giving kids guns to play with helps eliminate any fear.
Fear?  What fear?
BB found a new use for swim toys.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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