Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blast From the Past, From Great Ancestors to A Grandchild

Aunt Joan gave me some photos.  This is one of them.  It's a classic photo, an original.  My mother's mother, Grandma Mary, is the beautiful woman on the left in the back.  When Grandma got old, she wrote the names of her family members across the faces of the people on her copy of this picture, which my copy is from.  However, this photograph is untouched and beautiful.  It was taken in 1902.  The parents in the center are Walter and Cecelia Grover, children of pioneers.  Another daughter was born five years after this picture was taken.
Walter owned a store in Garland.  His daughter Alice is on the left, and his oldest son George is on the right. They are standing near Grandma in the previous photo.  An unrelated clerk is in the center.  Mom told me that Walter, her grandfather, was a bishop at this time and was very generous with items from his store to the poor in his ward.
A cousin of Mom's took this snapshot of Walter and Cecelia during WWII. By this time Walter had sold his store and he and his wife had moved to Salt Lake City where he managed an apartment building.
This is a picture of many of Walter and Cecelia's descendants taken in 1943.  Mom is in the center holding my squirmy older brother Phil.  Mom's sister Bobbie is to Mom's right.  Bobbie's new husband John is next to her.  I always loved that I had and aunt and uncle named Bobbie and John.
Grandma Mary, the beautiful woman in the first photo, is the grandmother in this picture taken with her four daughters in 1974.  Mother is in the center.  Bobbie, whose real name is Barbara (and I did not know that until I was an adult), is on the right. Mom and her sisters used to sit at the kitchen table in Grandma's house and laugh and laugh.  It made me so happy to be around them.  I'm sure they are sitting around a kitchen table in heaven, still laughing.  Something delicious is cooking on a nearby stove.  Rolls are in the oven.  I miss Mom.
This is a picture of Cecelia's sister Mary.  Mary married later in life and did not have any children of her own, but she was quite beloved by her nieces and nephews.  They called her "Aunt Mary Idaho," because she moved from Utah to Idaho when she married.  This picture was actually a postcard which Mary had made for her nephew Odell, standing between two neighbor girls.  Odell is the little boy standing in front of Grandma Mary in the first picture.  Somehow this postcard,  taken about 1902, with a note written in pencil, ended up in Aunt Joan's hands, and now it's in mine.
This is a picture of my other grandmother, Ida May Burton Cannon. She is second from the left, shown with her sisters in 1922.  These sisters were very close to each other throughout their lives.  Margaret, the sister on the right, inherited a beautiful five carat diamond from Nana's Grandmother Driver not long after this picture was taken.  Dad's sister Maydae bought it from Margaret, and my cousin Rosanne recently inherited it..
About ten years after the previous picture was taken, Grandmother Cannon posed with her only son, my father.  He looks like such a punk.  You know what?  He was.
A cousin recently gave me this photo of my father.  He grew out of the punk stage.
I must have sent this favorite picture to Aunt Joan.  I loved having a baby girl!
I was quite surprised to find this picture of my grown-up baby girl in the packet from Joan, as I probably took it and I have no memory of it at all.  I can't even say where it was taken, nor do I recognize the cat.
Corinne is holding her nephew Will is this 2000 photo.  Why is she blowing?  Look closer.
This picture made me smile.  One day, about 1997, Ben visited Jeff in Germany on his mission.  I am certain I sent it to Joan, but until today I had no memory of it.
Another great photo, this time of Steve, serving a mission in Japan about 2002.  No punks here.
I used to feel badly that none of my children looked like me.  But at some point we all agreed that in this photo, I look like Steve.  Or he looks like me.  That's why I'm smiling.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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