Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beautiful Fall Week in New York

We have spent the last week in New York visiting Steve's family.
No worries.  Adele knows how to dress herself for hikes.
Most of the time the weather was gorgeous, which makes fall all the better.
The young terrorists in the family convinced the tyrant parents that a school playground would be just as much fun as a great trail a long drive away.  They were right.
We did take a long ride to visit the New York State Museum.
It was definitely, absolutely, worth the trip!
The kids had fun running around, and we had fun watching them.
Not to mention that there was a carousel.  I loved it so much I cried.
There was also an awesome escalator, but no tears here.
Janet and I took a lot of pictures, but she was lucky to have more help than I got.
Adele and I celebrated her birthday a little early.  No cake, but there was a present which we all ended up enjoying very much.
We participated in a great family tradition:  Listening to stories.
We were mesmerized.
We wouldn't let Steve quit reading.
We had to move to the table so Janet could feed us while we listened.
We ate very, very well.  Most of the time Janet cooked for us.
Sometimes we ate a meal out.  These kids are the very best at restaurants, always willing to try new things, such as mango lassi.  Saag.  Eggplant.  Seriously.
Playing at home was also a frequent activity.
Sometimes I helped with the Lego-playing, too.
Of course, I always helped with the puzzle-playing!
Adele and Pop Ben became fast friends.
This was an absolutely wonderful visit!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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