Monday, May 11, 2015

Lots of Walks

We are having the best time.
We walked to a park this afternoon.
Ben would have driven us there if we'd have let him, but he's a crazy driver.
We found a very friendly dog at the park.  Ben was just a little shy.
Ben actually likes dogs.
On a recent walk we had to rein him in.
There has been some effort involved in keeping Ben happy in the stroller.
He's an existential learner.
One of the things he is learning is that there is action at the end of the ride.
Slides and kids.  There's not a better mix.
Unless it's swings and kids.
Moms and kids are a good mix, too.
And when Ben gets really tired of the stroller, I can help out.
We can have fun at home, too.
Harrison is the main attraction here.
He's a big hit with Ben, too.
There's also patty-cake with Papa Ben.  Just so you know, Little Ben is standing in his great-great-great-grandfather's chair.
I have cupboards.
And room to run and scream.
We have a talking duck.
I bought a new toy which has been a lot of fun.
The box has been delightful, too.
When all is said and done, there's always a grandfather at the end of the day.

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