Friday, July 17, 2015

Butter Is Brain Food

We are having a wonderful time with Steve's family!
We haven't had to go far to have fun.
Janet is a great swim coach.
Kyle doesn't need lessons.
We have eaten very well.
A walk to Kneader's for breakfast has become a tradition.
Croissants are a new favorite.
Sometimes we share.
Papa Ben has cooked for us several times.
Utah corn is now in season.
Camille and Kyle helped make a cake.
No one is left out.
Playing with technology is always an option.
Kids are so adept these days.
Even Adele knows how to get in on the action.
Although if the technology needs charging, there are options.
We have walked to the river many times.
These kids love to walk.
Bugs live in nature.
Exploring and learning can be exciting.
Water can be fun even if we aren't in it.
The Provo River is mesmerizing.
Waving at Dewey is fun to do.
Occasionally our walks get a little too long.
We have not yet driven to a park.
Our nearest park is perfect.
First requirement:  swings.
Adele could swing all day.
Slides are also a necessity.
Hanging upside down sometimes seems like a good idea.
I am always learning new things with my camera.
We found something fun to do yesterday.
This was loads of fun!
Action and fun for two solid hours.
Steve was amazing to watch.
Kyle learned to jump higher and higher.
Camille had no fear.
Adele was mostly happy just watching, but she tried.
Steve saw a challenge.
Other men were jumping, so this became very interesting.

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