Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy Birthday!

No one forgot today was a special day.
I got up extra early to make bagels.
I wanted something special for Ella's birthday.
The bagel was fine, but Luke contributed a cupcake from the counter.
This was definitely a better marker of the occasion.
Luke and I played hookey from an outing.  We put together a puzzle.
He beat me in Memory, fair and square.
To my chagrin, I lost a child today.
After frantically searching, I finally found her sawing logs.

Papa Ben and I took Jeff's family to the tramp place.
Jane loved it.
Jumping into the foam pit seemed very natural.
Ben had a great time, too.
He liked both the up and down parts.
Kate was pretty much interested in being up.
Jeff's family enjoyed trampoline-dodgeball.
My camera did not like this and refused to focus.
That's not going to keep me from using my pictures.
This was very intense.
It was, in fact, perfect for the birthday girl.

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