Friday, November 27, 2015

A Winning Day

The morning started off with company.  Baby Ben's cousins stopped in for a visit.
Zaheire and Ben got along famously.
They all played well together.  These are great kids!
Baby Ben's aunt Jacquiel is in the center.  She and I talked family history for a long time. Yes, the day was off to a good start!
After lunch at Jeff's, I found these three in the pantry.  Don't ask.  I don't know.
In a three-way game of memory tiles, I actually won, but not all my tiles showed up in the picture.  If the girls are looking wet, it's because several of us ventured out a couple times in the rain. Don't ask.  I don't know.
Then we put together a new puzzle.  You can ask about Matt.  I still don't know.
Jacob challenged me in Go Fish.
Opposing players included Team Jane/Matt.
Fortunately, Julia was on my team.  She had an incredible turn of seven straight matches, bringing in the victory.
We took a break for pie.  I'm generous with whipping cream.  I have found it a real bargain in building bonds with grandchildren.
Why didn't I do this when I was a young mother?  Don't ask.  I don't know.
I know how this started.  Don't ask.  I won't tell.
Ben was revolted and curious at the same time.
Turns out Ben likes his whipped cream with pie.
But once we got started, it was hard to quit.
It takes a surprising amount of faith to let someone else shoot whipped cream in your mouth.  Jane and I apparently don't have that kind of relationship yet.
Papa Ben was one of the rain walkers.  Jeff got a fire started for him afterward.
One of us, and by that I mean Dave, was smart enough to not go out in the rain.
Three times in a row I creamed Jacob in Blink.  It was awesome.  I did not do a victory dance but I did gloat.
In the meantime, Baby Ben got some lunch.
Then he wanted dessert.
Ben was on my left.  Julia, however, was on my right.  We needed to finish this great puzzle.
I was just a little distracted.
Removing the lid solved a lot of problems.
Just at that moment, Melanie and Ella arrived home.  Ben said, "Sip? Sip?"  Melanie said yes.
Julia felt she was old enough to play I Spy Memory. This was stunning.  First time ever, and she creamed me.  I had reduced the deck, but 8 to 4?  I actually was quite pleased.
Children being tended by distracted adults often get in a little trouble.
Don't ask.  I don't know.

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