Saturday, November 28, 2015

Song and Dance

Baby Ben and I made roll dough last night.  He is a great helper.
This morning I baked. I believe I have mastered the cranberry filling.  It's better than the cinnamon.  We ate an entire batch of rolls before noon.
I had been promised that we could watch Star Trek today.  I made sure that happened.
We don't just watch.
There is a lot of indoctrination going on.
For example, they now know the difference between a Klingon and a Romulan.
I was pleased with how many joined our sessions today.
Nathan was fine watching as long as I warned him about the scary parts.
Will.  This was funny.  He sat across the room for 30 minutes until it became obvious he was listening.  He finally joined us.
Jacob watches because he wants to be my favorite grandchild.  But Baby Ben?  He was eating this up.  He danced when Captain Picard sang "Frere Jacques."
Melanie creamed, and I mean creamed me in Blink.  She reveled.
Jacob finally won, fair and square, in Blink.  He burst into song and sang, "For the first time in forever!"  It was worth losing to be part of this.
When he beat me again, he sang "For the second time in forever."
Julia was very polite when she beat me in I Spy Memory.  She is amazing.  She sings a lot.  She sings to Baby Ben when she helps me change his diaper.  She sings safety instructions when we take him for walks.  She is pure joy.
She knows I like I Spy Memory, but she prefers the tile Memory.  We tied this round.
Julia helped her mom make brownies and wash the dishes.
David finished some handyman chores for Corinne today.  Then he took a break. I love his breaks.
The kids really enjoy Studio C and it kept them occupied as dinner got closer.  I love love love hearing them laugh together.
When Uncle Jeff arrived, he offered to help.  He cleared the kids from the table before he set it. They moved en masse.
Shifts at Minecraft happened all day long.  Will's turn ended just before dinner.
Kate's help in the kitchen is always welcome.  My pile of cilantro is on the cutting board.
If you are wondering where Jacob is. it was his turn for Minecraft.  No one noticed.  He missed dinner.  There was none left by the time he realized we were finished.
I have worked on my butter chicken recipe for years.  I think I finally got it right.
Carolyn's and Julia's brownies were excellent.  They were also Jacob's dinner.
When in Texas...enough said.

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  1. I love seeing pictures of everyone! They're all growing up! You've got a beautiful bunch of kids and grandkids!


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