Wednesday, November 25, 2015

T Minus One

If I have a new addiction, it would be Dave's hot chocolate.  The new tweak turned this from really good to essential.  Necessary.  Must have.
Carolyn's eggs are fabulous.  I made cinnamon rolls.  They were gone before I got a picture.  Maybe tomorrow.
We had a fun day and my camera didn't always go along.  But late in the day, I won the lottery.  Luke and Jacob chose to stay home with me, no punishments involved, while everyone else went to the movies.  Luke creamed me in Memory Tiles.
I lost at Spot It, too.
Blink went the same way.  I haven't had this much fun for a long time.
We needed a snack but had trouble finding food.  I managed to come up with this which was left over from last week's blood drive in Provo.  They shared.
Then I not only lost at I Spy Memory, but I ended up with the Creepy Doll.
Our time together resulted from a stunning victory for me: I out-logiced the parents. One or two adults were concerned that Jacob was getting too much screen time.  I gently suggested that time at a theater was also screen time.
As for the social aspect, I argued that this was more sociable.  And it was.  These two are now better buddies, and I was treated like a hero.  As in super.  I'll get a cape soon.
The movie-goers came home, and I lost again in Memory Tiles.
While technically I was losing, in reality, I was actually having the very best time ever.

I love seeing the cousins have fun together.

Preparations for dinner finally got underway.  Being outside was great.
As in, screaming great.
Uncle Jeff was doing his best to hurry things along.
Something for everyone.
Anticipation was delightful.
I need to confess that I was really hungry.
Fortunately, there was plenty of food.

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