Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blast From the Past: More of Ben's Family

I spent the entire weekend working on pictures from just one box, and I didn't come close to finishing.  Many of the pictures aren't identified, such as this snapshot of an adorable child.
This is Hazel, another sister of Ben's grandfather.  I'm uploading these photos to Family Tree.  None of the pictures I've uploaded have been duplicates.
This is Apostle Francis Marion Lyman, Ben's grandmother's uncle.  There were plenty of photos of him, but not this one.  His file is locked, so I couldn't add it.
I posted the top half of this picture yesterday of Ben's grandfather.  The photo was so large that I could not scan the entire picture at one time.  I found a free program and learned how to stitch the two parts together.  Ben was quite pleased.
This is again Ben's grandfather, John Wiley Redd, in what was another a huge photograph.  I met Grandpa Redd.  He told me in language I won't quite repeat that he once had a mule named Julie.
Isn't this a wonderful photo?  The man on the right, Willis Lyman, was a cousin to Ben's grandmother.  Sadly, the other interesting men were not identified.
This is Lyman Nielson, a brother to Ben's grandmother.  He died in 1920 during the worldwide flu epidemic, leaving a very young family.  There was previously only one other picture of this man uploaded to Family Tree, of him as a school child.
This photo had a caption:  Victor and Carl Lollin.  I could find them in Family Tree, but they have no relationship to Ben's family, and to my surprise, no pictures of them had been uploaded.  A beautiful photo of their mother was also in the box, which I uploaded, too.  Maybe I can finish this in six months.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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