Thursday, May 7, 2015

Best Friends

Where is Ben?
Here he is!
Our day started out at my favorite construction site.  Eagle-eye Ben can find rocks anywhere.
Papa Ben kept him safe.  They both liked watching the little machines.
Ben found a fountain on a neighboring property which was lots of fun!
Mom can be pretty fun, too.
Before we left downtown, Ben grabbed onto someone just his size.
Once home, it was time for lunch.  While Mommy made Ben a nutritious lunch of organic kale, hummus and hemp milk, I shared a few bites of my world-famous torte.
Then it was time for a few more spins in the rocking chair.  Ben's great-grandfather used to play in this chair.  It's still fun.
After lunch, Ben and I walked to my favorite bridge.
There is always a lot to see.  Ben was fascinated with a huge truck backing up. 
We told Papa Ben we'd feed his koi.  When we arrived to the pond, Ben said, "Hi Fish!" 
We spent a few minutes tossing rocks in the stream.
But there's nothing more fun than playing peek-a-boo with Dewey!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baby Ben Comes To Visit!

One of my favorite people came to visit.
The first thing we did today was watch the hummingbirds.
Ben likes my toys.
My furniture made for great climbing.
This was as much fun as it looks!
We went on a walk.
Ben wasn't sure about the wagon.
We fed the fish.
They were happy to see Papa again.
It took awhile, but pretty soon Baby Ben realized he was having fun.
He found a big rock to climb.
It was kind of high.
Once Ben found the courage to stand up, he was quite proud of himself!
We kind of accidentally went swimming.
This was definitely fun, even though the water was very cold.
Baby Ben has now had an introductory tour of the fun things to do at Dewey's house.
As for me, I can't wait until tomorrow!

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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