Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Settling Into Texas

Baby Ben flew to his new home last weekend.
In addition to the baby, we flew with two cats, who didn't appear to have enjoyed the flight as much as Ben.
Jeff's son Ben warmly greeted his cousin when we arrived.
Cousins Bradley and Luke were also happy to see us.
Ella and Jane had been patiently waiting.
I decided a cake was necessary.  Kate offered to help.  This endeavor required that I find a neighbor willing to give us 2 eggs.  This is Texas -- no problem.
The anticipation was exciting.
That evening, Ben played with toys he inherited from cousin Bradley.
The next morning brought a stomach bug.  Fortunately, Bradley also donated some of his hand-me-downs, which came in very handy.
Ella came over to cheer Ben up.
Bradley found something else to occupy his time.
And the next day, Ben was back to his own self again, finding new treasures from Bradley.
Last night we were warmly greeted at Jeff's again.
Papa Ben loaned Ben his underwater camera.
He took some great pictures from below.
I took some from above.  Kate's in there somewhere.
Jane popped into view.
Luke dropped out of view.
Little Ben is not a fan of water.  We thought he might enjoy this.
We were wrong.
The Ben with the camera took this picture from the pool.
Maybe next time.
Casper didn't want to go swimming, either.

While we played, Jeff cooked.
He grilled mushrooms for Corinne.
It was fabulous.
We all had a wonderful evening.
Very relaxing.
The evening was so calm that a few butterflies joined us.
After dinner, Little Ben came in the house with me to help clean up.
At the end of the evening, we all had ice cream bars.  Little Ben was a willing participant in this event.
Ella performed in a choir concert, not that we had enough going on last night.
The rest of us made sure the state's newest resident had a great time.
At the end of the day, Little Ben was snoozing with his kitties, which are seen as just two lumps in the bed.  Home Sweet Home.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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