Monday, June 22, 2015

Boo Makes a Splash!

Our morning started out quietly, with a favorite marble game.
Things got a little more exciting as the day went on.
Our adventures concluded as they usually do with grandkids around.
We fed the koi.
Notice the fish food floating past the lotus blossom.
The duck awaited his turn.
Boo was waiting for his turn to jump!
He and Papa Ben had a wonderful time at the pool.
You are wondering what they were doing.
Papa Ben has an underwater camera.
This is loads of fun.
My camera is not waterproof.
But it loves the water.
As long as we are far enough away to not get wet.
Because Boo knows how to make a splash!
Some of us finished our wonderful day with cherry pie for dinner.

Bye-Bye Barbie

We've been playing a little hard this week.  I slept in until 6, but everyone else slept in later so I decided to eat without them. ...