Friday, September 4, 2015

Water Water Everywhere

Baby Ben came for a visit.
I took him to a new splash pad.
New for me, at least.
He loved it.
I loved watching him explore.
Not many people can swim in a splash pad.
However, every child was running and screaming.
We both loved it!
We visited a park during his visit.
Ben offered to mow the lawn.
Ben really likes to climb.
He also loves to slide.
He says "Whee" when he's having fun.
Which is pretty much all the time.
A trip to the pool was on our list.
He loves water.
He loves his mommy, too.
We discovered some fun things in the lost and found.
The glasses were a big hit!
We experimented with swimming without a life jacket.
Jacket or not, balls are fun.
I see a soccer star in my future.
Who needs water when there is a ball?
Maybe it's time for a climbing break.
No children were injured in this picture.
Baby Ben loved the tramp place.
We visited during toddler time.
Little kids had the whole place to themselves.
Ben ran non-stop for the entire hour.
Few of my pictures were in focus, an ongoing problem at this facility.
This cute little child located all the stray cubes and put them in the foam pit.
He had the most fun when Mom jumped with him.
Back at the ranch, there's nothing like a little Daniel Tiger in Great-Great-Grandmother's chair.

Thank you, Julie. You're Welcome, Louie.

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